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The materials and methods used in Picture Framing play an important role in protecting and preserving your work while on ...

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Feature wall of memories

"I need a holiday to recover from the last holiday." Says every parent, ever, who spends the term break with their kids.

Regardless of the money spent and even dare I say, the tired vocal cords from nagging, who'd give it away for the world?

I wouldn't.

And, who took way too many photographs of their kids while in the park, at the museum, in the kitchen or while indulging them for afternoon tea at a cafe because they thought: "blink, and they're all grown up. I must capture this moment!"

I did!

What do I do now with these memories? Leaving them in the 'cloud' is one option, but enjoying those memories beautifully presented on a feature wall in the family home would be a better idea.

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