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Choose your Glass

I'm often asked “what’s the best glass for my picture?”

In the past most framers would use a regular clear glass as standard which can be quite reflective. This glass is now most used for budget framing like mass produced prints and posters.

 Another glass which was popular for many years was the non-reflective option. Now this glass does cut out reflection, but it has an etched surface which fogs or softens the image, so you tend to loose clarity which is undesirable for detailed work like needle works.

 Luckily these options have been superseded by our now most used and loved glass, the Anti reflective glass. There’s no doubt about it, the Anti reflection glass is a game changer. The clarity is so good it looks like there’s no glass at all. It’s the superior glass choice for original artwork, needle works and 3D pieces. An added value is the higher UV protection 70% to regular clear glasses 40%.

Then we have Museum glass which is the top-notch glass offing the highest clarity with 99% UV protection. This glass is used in galleries and museums and any time framing is required to preserve something valuable or sentimental.

Now the Anti reflective glass may not be for everyone due to the cost is a little higher but if you’re going to the effort to frame something special, I highly recommend it. You’ll get far better enjoyment out of your framed picture.

So for your next framing project, check out the Anti reflective glass. You’ll love it!

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