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Winter crafts

I don't know about you but it seems like this summer would never end! People going about their Saturday morning routines are wearing tee-shirts and light cardigans. Even on the first day of June, the temperature was still a clement 20 degrees in the sun. I have even heard a few people comment: "We've skipped Autumn and gone straight to winter!". As the nights get longer and the temerature drops, outdoor activities are replaced by curling up in front of the fire and cosying under a heavy winter blanket, with your fingers curled around a mug of a steaming cup of tea.

Taking up an indoor activity like knitting, weaving, quilting or embroidery can be an ideal way to be creative and pass the time during those long, cold, darkdays of winter. There is something magical in the transformation of a rather inanimate ball of yarn into a functional or ornamental object! Someone put in long hard hours of thought and needlework into capturing a mood, a message, a moment in time. There are magnificent tapestries in Hampton Court that are 500 plus years old that do this just this. These tapestries present grand memories of battles and conquests of proud noblemen from generations past. The valuable threads which are woven from gold and silver are conserved so that the materials are protected and the memories are preserved for many years to come. Imagine having your own precious pieces hanging on your walls. Having them custom framed with quality materials an expert framers may not make them royal, but will keep them protected just like the works hanging in castle hallways and private galleries.

Do you hold such treasures? Are you a keeper of a crafting tradition?

Ok, maybe you don't have pieces woven from gold and silver thread, nor have made works which are of important social commentary, but I bet the works and memoribilia you keep are precious enough to you that you wish to protect them and hold their memories for years to come. Perhaps you have inherited a fragile embroidery, lace handkerchief or vintage garments, are you able to enjoy it or is it tucked away in a box covered in a layer of dust in the garage? Wouldn't it be grand if it could be out on display as well as being protected?

Handmade textiles, needleworks, knits and other 3D crafts are best protected within a custom made picture frame. When a favourite piece or heirloom is proudly presented or hung in pride of place, it is importand that the materials used are of high quality and craftmanship done by someone with experience. At Three P's we use conservation and museum quality mat boards, moulding and glass. Talk to Lisa, she has over 15 years of commercial and retail custom framing experience. She will talk you through what is the best way to PROTECT and PRESERVE your memories so that you can PRESENT them proudly for everyone to see. It is something we pride ourselves with and our company name is the stamp of quality we put in our work: Protect, Preserve and Present, Three P's.

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