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The materials and methods used in Picture Framing play an important role in protecting and preserving your work while on ...

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So, you want something framed?

Well, I’m about to give you some useful info which will remove any confusion around the framing process and leave you keen to get started!

1. Why use a custom framer?

Making the decision to use a professional framer usually means you have something special to frame. You many have something valuable calling for care and consideration. You may have something fragile or sentimental needing preservation or you may have something you want to look smart and refined on your wall. This is where the benefits of a framer come to life. A skilled framer can create a finished product that not only is a pleasure to view but preserves and protects the item within the frame.

So, you can see when it comes to such valuable items to frame, they require more than just a production frame off the shelf.


It requires care, uniqueness and style.


Now which framer do you use? You may want to take a couple of things into consideration when searching for a framer. Framing shops are similar in they all have frame samples, glass options and mat board samples to choose from but where they can vary is in how well they handle and store your work, the guarantee they offer and how reliable they are. Qualifications are also important. Did you know anyone can call themselves a framer? The industry isn’t regulated so Jo blow down the street can open a shop and call himself a framer. It’s good to look for someone who is qualified and knowledgeable in methods and materials. This is important when you are handling original works and one-off pieces. Recommendations and reviews are always a good source of information to help make your mind up.

 2. The consultation

So, you decided where to go for your framing. You made an appointment and you’ve arrived at the workshop. I think it’s important to have a chat with the framer about why you decided to use a professional framer. Was it because your piece need special care or is it a memorable gift for a friend or family member? If this is discussed, it will help give direction in the decisions you make together. Is the style your priority or more the protected for years to come?

The framer will give you advice on the types of methods for framing your piece i.e. how to go about attaching or holding it within the frame, how far the glass needs to sit away from the item or what hinges are necessary when working with works on paper such as a watercolour or certificate.

Then you can have a little fun with colour and design. You can play with samples of mat boards, glass option and a wall full of frame samples to try. Again, the framer will guide you through the options available and suggest which ones will suit you best. This is where you must trust your gut instinct, if you’re unsure with the design at any stage, then don’t go with it, change it, keep playing with it until you are sure it works for you. Sometimes this process can take 5 mins, sometimes half an hour or longer. Just be sure you are satisfied with your choice if you go ahead and book it in, of course there is no obligation to do so at any stage.

 3. Meeting your expectations

By the end of your consultation you should feel that positive gut instinct buzzing around when you think about your frame finished. You will be advised of the cost of your frame and the deposit required if you go ahead and when to expect your frame to be ready. Now picture framing has always had a big question mark hovering above it when it comes to $$$. It’s fair to say you will be paying a little more than the price of a readymade frame! It’s like comparing 150 count home brand sheets with 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets, there’s no doubt which ones are made from better material, manufactured better and feel and wear a darn sight better!


Your frame is made for you! To fit your work in the frame you want! It’s Perfect!


If you choose to go ahead with your “1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets” you will need to leave a few details and a deposit. You will be surprised at how many people forget their framing orders so the more contact details you leave the better.

Now most framers take one to two weeks to complete an order. This will depend on the job type and quantity of cause. On the odd chance the frame you choose is out of stock, you should be notified quickly.

Then a week later you get the call, your framing is ready!!! You’re so delighted when you pick it up you decide to leave a great review for others to read so they can choose the right framer for them!

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