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Picture Framing Materials

When choosing the materials to frame your work we first look at the type of work you have. Is it a work on paper or a painting on canvas? Have a think about your work and consider these factors, how long you wish to keep your artwork for, the monetary value of the work, and the sentimental value you have for your work.

There are different levels of quality when it comes to picture framing. At Three P’s, we frame to the following three levels:

Commended level

Materials include: Buffered mat board and standard float glass

Conservation level

Materials include: Alpha cellulose mat board and UV protective glass

Museum level

Materials include: Rag mat board made from 100% virgin cotton fibre. UV protective museum glass

Each level applies different materials which comply with the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Together we will decide which framing level and materials will best suit you and your work.

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